Friday, 28 June 2013

Extending Friday afternoon for many decades

Friday afternoon before the July 1st long weekend is always exciting. It’s the cursor summer holidays, and perhaps the most telling sound is the laughter of children in school playgrounds today. It’s the end of the school year when so countless children — like our grandson Nicholas, who bids farewell to Grade 4. There are hundreds of Edmonton Grade 12 students who probably could use a few extra hours of sleep today since there were several graduations Thursday night.

Whether kids are starting kindergarten or graduating from university, they all have one common denominator: they are our future. They are going lead our cities, provinces and country. They are going to provide inspiration and motivation. They will, of course, need help — but that opens the doors for their family and friends to help. Every student who graduates or passes into a new chapter this afternoon needs to be celebrated.

In Canada, we celebrate the end of June with trips to the lake. Maybe the mountains. Maybe even just an afternoon trip to that special place off the beaten path for a family picnic. We will use our highways. They will be busy. Perhaps it’s a reminder to slow down, to be careful, to be alert … to drive safe. It’s a glorious Friday afternoon. Let’s make everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their full potential, starting Tuesday morning and many years beyond.