Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hey look at me - I'm blogging!

Yes this is my Tait Talk blog.  

After many years of writing for the Edmonton Journal I'm branching out and launching this brand new blog.

With Tait Talk my plan is to continue focussing on what is going on in the great city of Edmonton.

Tait Talk will talk about amateur sports - all the wonderful community work done here - but most importantly it will be about people and especially the amazing folks that I meet day to day in Edmonton who make this city such a wonderful place to live.

Often space is limited in the paper but now I can add more content (and pictures, etc)  to compliment what makes it to the final copy of the newspaper.

Most importantly PLEASE continue to call me - email me - or write me about what YOU would like to see in this blog and in the newspaper.

If you're on Facebook and/or Twitter PLEASE feel free to forward TAIT TALK to your friends as well.  The more the merrier I say.

I'm reachable @camtait on Twitter - and at - via email.  

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