Thursday, 13 June 2013

From guest blogger Brenda Currey Lewis: wheeling backwards

 Brenda Currey-Lewis:
I am outraged at the cutbacks being forcefully changed for the worse, for disabled persons. Just imagine the Redford government being hailed for maintaining one of the best, open-minded set-up in the country for disabled people living their lives the most independently and most successful as they can.  Making their lives as close to normal while still not being extravagant. Well, that can no longer be on her record.
Is that the problem? Do you think disabled people are taking advantage of the set-up in place to being independent are using and abusing the system? Think about it!! God forbid you or someone you love having a life changing accident or debilitating disorder that can show up no matter what the age, having to be in the system. Striped of abilities they once had, a schedule they had control over, coming and going as they see fit, the opportunity to hold down a good job, enjoying a good social life, all being thrown away. Now having to eat at a pre-set time, get out and in to bed at a pre-set time, have to be set a time to eat everyday or else going without. It’s happened in other situations. Would you be content with them living in a nursing home or perhaps you would quit your job to look after that special someone or vice-versa? Wouldn’t you want that person to enter the system with the opportunity to have control over as much as their life as possible instead of fighting a system that do not have the best interest at heart?

I’m disabled. But fortunately do not need help getting in and out of bed every day or help with other bodily functions. But, that may be the case someday. I am still in the system and the stuff I go through and deal with on a daily basis is stressful enough without having to face the consequences of cutbacks. I have many friends who will be affected by these changes. Chills are rushing up and down my spine.  Now I hear it is not up for discussion!  Well, disabled people may be viewed as one of the weakest links in the chain, therefore an easy target for cutbacks but I’d re-think that. We have so many other things to fight for but if you would like to add to that, I think we’re up to the challenge. Ms. Redford has said to ‘trust her’, but as my good friend, Dr. Heidi Janz, has already said, trust needs to be earned first and sadly there is no foundation to build trust on anymore!

A very concerned citizen,
Brenda Currey Lewis

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