Monday, 17 June 2013

Redford meets us for coffee; home care discussed

Alberta premier Alison Redford accepted our invitation (CLICK HERE TO READ OUR REQUEST) for coffee Sunday morning to discuss changes in the delivery of home care across the province. Three of us from Creekside Support Services — Larry Pempeit, Heidi Janz and myself — met with Ms. Redford for 30 minutes in a second floor meeting room at the Alberta legislature. Human Services minister Dave Hancock was also in the discussion who said he was going to relay the information to health minister Fred Horne.

We shared out concerns about how Alberta Health Services came into the condo building we all live in and tried to implement a new home care provider without even consulting with us. Ms. Redford was especially interested in how this was handled. “I want to make sure I understand this,” she said several times while her aides were busy making notes. She said she was unaware of how things were handled, especially when CSS users have direct input in the care we get. We told her we plan to fight the battle to the end, when our contract runs out July 31.

Ms. Redford said she will look into the Creeskide situation as well as Abby Road and Art Space in Edmonton. “We have work to do,” she said near the end of the meeting. We couldn’t help but feeling a new sense of hope for our situation — and the willingness of Ms. Redford to have an open discussion on the matter.

We would like to thank Neala Barton, Director of Media Relations and Spokesperson in the premier’s office, for responding to our request the day after it was on the Talk Talk blog. Heidi also sent it out to the premier’s office and Mr. Horne.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Cam,
Thank you for posting this update with Premier Redford. I am hopeful that you have now established contacts that will allow for more direct communication with the Premier's office as opposed to a convoluted exchange through a multitude of government offices. I hope that cooler heads will prevail and that solutions are in sight. That is what we are all hopeful for.

Alice and Dean Killam
(sister to Mike Doris)