Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Cam-Burger: A Royal Reminder

I have never been a Royal Watcher (so I may be in error capitalizing both words) so the media treatment of the birth of the new baby in London is a little curious to me. I understand the deep tradition of the monarch and I respect what they represent. But all the hype, the excitement and the media coverage … well, I don’t understand.

I do understand anticipation, though. We need to celebrate the wonderful untapped potential we all have as we make our way through life. Some of us saunter; others gallop, while others trudge through daily activities. Whatever speed we have, we’re members of communities — local, nationally and internationally — and we bring countless skills, talents and opinions. Perhaps, then, that’s what we should be celebrating today.

We need to view the new son to Prince William and Kate as a reminder of the millions of new babies who are born every day.  We need to be challenged by this: to remind ourselves we to embrace every new child as much as we can and give them everything we can — and more — so they can succeed. We need to view them with limitless optimism; for they are our future … regardless or not if they become king one day.


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