Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Walter Gretzky addresses year-round minor hockey

From what I’ve seen in recent summers, local hockey rinks are almost as busy as outdoor swimming pools. But is it a good idea for young hockey players to lace up skates and strap on the pads year round? Walter Gretzky says no.
“I’ve seen it,” says Walter, the father of Wayne. “When kids play hockey all year long they are tired in February.”

Walter thinks kids should play as many sports as they can so they can have different experiences. He gave an up close and personal example: Wayne loved baseball and could have made the major leagues. We all know he took a different path and made National Hockey League history.

It raises an interesting debate: would Wayne have been so dominate in the NHL if he only played hockey?

Walter made the observation last week when he was in Edmonton for The 2014 Alzheimer's Face Off luncheon. Retired Vancouver Province columnist Jim Taylor conducted a very entertaining question and answer session with the ever engaging Walter.

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