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Monday, 15 July 2013

Cam-burger: Eskimos show lack of respect

 He huffed and puffed, Kavis Reed did, during his post-game press conference Saturday, and blew the assembled media down. (Look at the end of the post and you will see yourself.) The Edmonton Eskimos dismal performance Saturday night against the B.C. Lions — a 17-3 loss — is another sign the once mighty Canadian Football League team is in a deep slide. And maybe that’s the reason I am cannot get very excited about the Esks these days.

Penalties. They were a huge reason why the Eskimos lost their second consecutive home game of the season. Eleven penalties for 103 yards. One hundred and three yards. Isn’t that more than the entire length of the football field? From unnecessary roughness infractions to roughing the passer, a somewhat disturbing trend is unfolding.  In three games the Eskimos have been penalized 41 times for 330 yards. No gold stars here.

Rick LeLacheur
Forget lack of discipline. It’s lack of respect, period. It’s a football team out of control with — for whatever reason — arrogance. But for what? Winning the Grey Cup last year? Nope. Not even posting a winning record last year with a 7-11 showing. Ever since Rick LeLacheur retired as president, I have felt a disconnect between the front office and the fans. Look at the number of good, qualified people who left the organization. Long-time vice-president of communications Dave Jamieson left the team just two weeks into the season last year. Trouble in paradise? Absolutely. Somewhere down the road the Eskimos have forgotten how well their grass-roots foundation of the franchise worked. The arrogance of the front office has spread on to the field. Kavis Reed has the daunting task of cleaning it all up — something, clearly, he should not have to do.


(Interesting note: The Eskimos removed this from their website but the CFL did not)

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